Hepburn & District Parks & Recreation Board

(Last updated:  July 17, 2024)

Did You Know?

  • Citizen of the Year Nominations are COMPLETED!  The nominations included:  Trevor Bueckert, Jean-Yves Marsolais, Neil Paetkau, Ron Sigstad, and Gerry Tkachuk.  And the Winner..... TREVOR BUECKERT.   Watch for photos and a full writeup here SOON!
  • Want to Volunteer?   Accepting Weekly Volunteers!  Click Here for Application Form:  Form!   Roles are needed with:   Grounds Work, Storage Room Project, SeaCan Project, Youth Programs, and more! Inquire with Lisa using the Form above, or email recreation@hepburn.ca
  • Want to Join the BOARD or a Subcommittee of the BoardTwo BOARD POSITIONS will be open as of October 2024.  Click Here for Application Form:  https://forms.gle/qNzzZVkgcxCHeJZK8
  • Parks & Recreation related programs and activities are under the umbrella of the Volunteer Board.  Hepburn & District Parks and Recreation Board is made up of 9 members who represent Town Council, R.M. of Laird, and other community members. The Board serves the current town population of 784 residents  (Canadian Census, 2021) and the R.M. of Laird district up to about 500+ more residents.
  • Hepburn P&R Facebook: www.facebook.com/HepburnParksAndRec/ 
  • Hepburn Howler: The Howler is the community's monthly newsletter and page 2 features the activities of the Board and Community Groups - https://www.hepburn.ca/governance/newsletters.html
  • Sask Community Lottery Funding:  *Application Form HERE.  Due March 31 annually.   *Follow Up Report Form Here.  Form should include all supporting Receipts - Due June 1 annually.  To book an appointment for assistance with your application, please email Lisa at recreation@hepburn.ca.  Existing groups OR New initiatives can apply for this funding!    This Year the Board distributes $9800, Next Year the Board will distribute $12,000+.
  • Grant Writing Help and Support:  Need funding for your project or organization?  Consider a GRANT!  Start looking here on Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association website: https://www.spra.sk.ca/funding/upcoming-grants-and-funding/  Email Lisa for an appointment if you want assistance for you and your group.  

Purpose & Goals
The Board exists to promote a sense of community by coordinating wholesome, positive events, and programs that will bring all members of our community together.

  • To provide community wide activities at least three times a year.
  • To keep the community informed about events and programs through a newsletter.
  • To encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for the members of our community.
  • To provide support to organizations within our community.
  • To promote intentional networking and communication between existing organizations.

Parks & Recreation Board Members

  • Members: Craig Pitcher (Chair), Erica Baerwald (Town Council Rep), Sheldon Willems (RM of Laird Council Rep), Kaelan Wall (Vice Chair), Lisa Braun (Secretary & Community Coordinator), Johannes Schauss (Treasurer), Emily Cameron (Member at Large), Amanda Bruneau (Member at Large), Jesse Neary (Member at Large).
  • Positions Open:  2 positions will be open October 2024.  Please inquire at recreation@hepburn.ca or use the application form above.
  • Meeting Date: Generally the Monday of the week before Town Council meeting, at 7:00pm.  September 9, October 8, November 12, December 9.
  • Feedback:  Residents of Town and R.M. are welcome to submit input in writing to recreation@hepburn.ca.  Residents and/or community groups may request to be a delegation at monthly meeting by inquiring by the 1st Thursday of each month.
  • Submissions:  Residents and groups are welcome to submit items for the monthly newsletter called The Hepburn Howler.  Email request by the last Monday of the month to recreation@hepburn.ca.

Recreation Subcommittees

  • Beach Volleyball:  Volunteers are welcome to inquire. 
  • Clothes Swap:  Lisa Braun, Amanda Bruneau, and others.  Volunteers are welcome to inquire.  Events are held approximately once a quarter.  Next event - To Be Confirmed - Fall 2024.
  • Crokicurl: On Pause.  Volunteers are welcome to inquire.
  • Disc Golf:  Lisa Braun (Staff Rep), Azariah Klassen (Youth Rep), Jesse Neary (P&R Rep), Alvin Thielmann (Volunteer), Brad Koehn (Consultant).  Volunteers are welcome to join this team.
  • Into the Elements Outdoor Program: Lisa Braun, Jennifer Beaumont-Becker.  Volunteers are welcome to join this team. 
  • Parent & Tot Playtime:  Lisa Braun, Heather MacDonald, Waldheim Library, and other partners.  Volunteers are welcome to join this team.
  • Festivals:  Winter Fest Subcommittes (Jan-Mar), Fair Days Subcommittes (Mar-June), and Light the Night Subcommittees (Sep-Nov).  Lisa Braun (liaison).  Volunteers are welcome to join one of these Festival Teams.
  • Fundraising:  Lisa Braun (lead).   Volunteers are welcome to join this team.
  • Youth Programs / Youth Advisory Council:   Lisa Braun (lead), Hepburn School Student Representative Council (SRC) members. Volunteers are welcome to join this team.
  • Communities in Bloom:  Lisa Braun (lead), Barb Adams-Eichendorf (Main Street Florals), Leanne Thiessen (Community Gardens), Light the Night Event & Light Up Hepburn Contest.  Town membership since 2021.  A cooperative effort of many groups.  Volunteers are welcome to join this team.
  • Summer Programs:   Lisa Braun (liaison), Sierra Reimer (Hepburn Childcare Hub), Christin Rempel (Mobile Early Learning), Waldheim Library (Partner), and other organizational partners.  Volunteers Welcome! 
  • Reconciliation:  Erica Baerwald (Town Council Rep to PRRC), Lisa Braun (Parks and Rec Rep), Jennifer Baetz (Community/Book Club), Jennifer Mason (School), Maureen Driedger (Waldheim Library), Randy Klassen (MCC Sask Indigenous Neighbours Contact).  Volunteers are welcome to join this team.  Prairie Rivers Reconciliation Committee: Facebook
  • Homeschool Gym Times:  Lisa Braun (lead).  Currently Tuesdays 1-3pm, or by booking an appointment.
  • NEW:  Community Gardens :  Leanne Thiessen (Chair), Lisa Braun (Town Liaison), Mari Schelleberg (Secretary), Emily Cameron (Member), Erin Lohrey (Member at Large), Lauren Boldt (Social Media), Starla Bruneau (Grants), Trenton Bell (Volunteer).  Others To Be Confirmed.  Email  hepburncommunitygardens@gmail.com.  Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555738328837 
  • NEW:  Tutoring and Homework Time (for youth grades 7-12):  Lisa Braun (lead), Volunteers/Hosts include: Gerry Tkachuk, Sonia Goertzen, Azariah Klassen, Trenton Bell.  More volunteers welcome.  Volunteers can choose the dates that work for their schedule.  Event is Tuesdays 3:15-5:15pm.
  • NEW:  Twin Rivers Slopitch League:  Lisa Braun (Hepburn Site Liaison), Berkley Rees (League Coordinator), Josh Dueck (Laird Site Liaison).  More details to come - teams from Waldheim, Laird, Hepburn, and Rosthern.  Contact Lisa to enter a team, or join a team.  CLICK HERE:  Game Schedule!


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